Title: A History of Charlton Park

Thanks and Acknowledgements

In compiling a brief history of Charlton Park I should make it clear from the outset that I am not a historian but a local resident who is interested in the area and its history - a history some believe is too important to leave tucked away in less accessible places. Although what follows is mostly my interpretation of events, based on primary research, it is supplemented by the diligent work of others. This includes Stephen Osmond's 'Chronology of Cheltenham' (forming most of the Timeline) and work on other facets of Charlton Park's history undertaken by members of Charlton Kings Local History Society. With this in mind I would like to thank Mary Paget, Mary Southerton, Julian Rawes and Stephen Osmond for their erudite research, and in particular I must thank Jane Sale for going the extra mile, in helping me steer the project occasionally.

The help and cooperation of the following organisations is also acknowledged:

Cheltenham College, Bath Road, Cheltenham
Bovis Homes Ltd, Cleeve Hall, Bishops Cleeve, Cheltenham
Gloucestershire Archives, Alvin Street, Gloucester
Cheltenham Borough Council, Planning & Tree Preservation Departments
Charlton Park Convent (pre 1987)
St Edward's School, Cirencester Road, Cheltenham (1987 onwards)

Charlton Park Residents Association


Picture rights:

All picture acquisition, reproduction and restoration work on this site has been undertaken by the author who requests they are not copied or reproduced without permission - which is usually given. The author fully accepts that text and images contained herein are easily saved to personal computers and digital storage devices to view off-line and has deliberately chosen not to disable this (right-click) facility, being keen to promote any interest in local history. This is done on the strict understanding that no further commercial use is made of any saved images.

A number of the pictures and maps contained on this site are available as 'clean' prints from the author using industry standard file sizes, and not as displayed here with embedded protection. This includes the extremely rare (c1570) map of Gloucestershire by Christopher Saxton. This map reproduces beautifully on satin photographic paper, ready for mounting and framing.

The author's larger collection of historic Cheltenham images is available in W H Smith, High Street, Cheltenham (Greeting Card section) though not all at any one time. The larger (Cotswold Images) collection of historic pictures can be enquired about using the 'contact' button. The River Thames collection is viewable at: http://www.old-england.com (the tiniest corner-shop in cyberspace).

The 'Britannicar' map (1584) is available from Steve Bartrick Antique Prints and if you can afford an original Steve will be delighted to hear from you at: http://www.antiqueprints.com
If funds don't run to an original, Steve will provide a digital download for a nominal sum and I thank him for allowing me to include such a download on this site.

Other images, such as those copyrighted to Gloucestershire Archives and Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum are available under certain conditions (prints, cards etc.) from these organisations and I thank them for permission to include them on this website.

Photographs taken by Dorothy Vassar-Smith (c1920) are obtainable via the author, providing that Charlton Kings Local History Society give permission. http://www.charltonkings.org.uk

Picture licences were obtained from:
Cheltenham Museum and Art Gallery: http://www.cheltenhammuseum.org.uk
Skyscan: http://www.skyscan.co.uk


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